Our Approach

The CyberSAR model of engagement delivers both immediate and lasting results for organizations seeking to strengthen their digital safety postures. Our support is characterized by:

Accessible core digital safety techniques

  • Digital hygiene focus to address the most important 80% of risks
  • Immediate, real-time remediation of identified risks
  • Designed for smaller CSOs with low awareness and resources, facing complex, high-risk environments

Focus on organizational change

  • Practical roadmap leading from awareness to skills and behavior change
  • Development of an internal Digital Safety Champion
  • Simple internal rules and policies improving digital safety posture
  • Follow-up re-assessment with repeat training and remediation

Locally aware intervention

  • Country/sector threat environment analysis, including through advanced malware research
  • Regional digital safety consultant team with ample CSO experience

Highly customized to beneficiary needs

  • 35-point diagnostics to identify risks and calibrate a response
  • Individually tailored training and remediation plan for each client
  • Engaging mix of simple classroom training, hands-on exercise and remediation

Sustained engagement and follow-up

  • Multi- month, ongoing engagement, mentorship and support

How we help

CyberSAR can help you take charge of your digital safety. For the past three years, the Cyber Safety Assessment and Response (CyberSAR) initiative has helped smaller NGOs improve their online safety through:

Organizational digital safety diagnostics

Direct technical assistance, including real-time remediation of networks and devices

Extended training and policy support