About Us

We help you to understand your digital risk, and measurably improve your digital safety.

CyberSAR (Cyber ​​Safety Assessment and Response) aims to measurably improve the digital safety of civil society and independent media organizations in the Eurasian region. It is a highly practical approach that helps smaller, qualifying organizations to understand their own digital risk and develop basic core practices to protect their data and operational online. We also provide short-term digital safety training and digital assistance clinics, in partnership with major regional events for civil society organizations.

The project is a multi-year initiative implemented by the international think-do tank The SecDev Foundation, based in Ottawa, Canada. The Foundation specializes in cyber security, digital development, and the digital economy, with programming in the Eurasia region, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

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How we help

CyberSAR can help you take charge of your digital safety. For the past three years, the Cyber Safety Assessment and Response (CyberSAR) initiative has helped smaller NGOs improve their online safety through:

Organizational digital safety diagnostics

Direct technical assistance, including real-time remediation of networks and devices

Extended training and policy support